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How Do Stylists Obtain Clothes From Brands

The Gorgeous Clothing & Jewelry Seen On Celebrities are Often, Borrowed

Poof! A new dress. Cinderella is not real life, so how do celebrity stylists get clothing from brands? We’re walking through the specifics today – from how to pull clothes and what that means – to how stylists reach the point where they can get top-name brand clothes.

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What does it mean to “pull clothes”

Can a celebrity pull that dress off? Only if it’s already pulled for them.

Celebrities are rarely seen in the same outfit twice; and their secret? Pull clothes from brands. The term “pulling clothes” means borrowing clothes from brands. It is important to know how to pull clothes as as stylist. This process can start as soon as a stylist sees a collection and has a vision of their clients in the brand.

When a stylist pulls clothes for red carpet events, they’ve reached an understanding with the brand that those clothes are only for their celebrity clients. After all, another star wearing the same outfit can lead to disastrous red carpet coverage, which looks bad for the brand as well.

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Reputation & Relationships

Brands want their clothes to be used by stylists they trust. Furthermore, they want their clothes to be worn by A-listers who can draw media coverage.

For new stylists, the game of pulling clothes starts at square one. It can feel like a chicken and egg situation. On one hand, big fashion houses are hesitant to loan clothes to you, because you don’t have high profile clients. Conversely, you cannot secure the top stars if you don’t possess the fashion resources.

A new stylist needs to establish their expertise with a portfolio before they can reach high profile clients and pull clothes from exclusive brands. Oftentimes, they build their portfolio starting as an intern or assistant for famous fashion stylists.

Moda Database is a great platform for emerging and seasoned fashion stylists, hair stylists, and makeup artists to make themselves more visible and accessible to brands and editorials. With a great portfolio, business opportunities flock to stylists.

For experienced stylists, maintaining a good image makes the brands feel confident that their clothes will be treated well, and as importantly, styled well for the world to see.

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Public Relations & Press Office

Reaching out to a brand’s PR office and building relationship with their representative is a true foot in the door for a stylist pulling clothes. After all, when a PR office sees a stylist’s vision, they can see how their brand can be well represented. Working with a brand’s publicist paves way to future projects, and even special arrangements, such as having clothes flown in from a different country for red carpet events.

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The true show is sometimes behind the scenes. Showrooms are the connector between stylists and major brands. Just like with Fashion PR, nurturing relationships is key. Showrooms will pull clothes for the right stylist and celebrities. The stylist needs to ensure that clothes are kept in good condition, and make the celebrity shine! This way, the relationship can continue to flourish.

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Off the Rack, Vintage & Collaborations

Clothes can be bought off the rack by stylists or celebrities when a stylist’s client doesn’t fit the available brand options, or is not well-known enough to be represented by a major brand. 

For reputable stylists with renowned clients, brands can approach them with a collaboration in mind, either to outfit the star in brand vintage or to collaborate on a bespoke outfit.

Stylists can also use found vintage in rare cases to highlight beautiful trends returning. For example, celebrity stylist Law Roach’s long collaboration with Zendaya recently brought us a fantastic vintage moment in Yves Saint Laurent. The gown was originally worn by famous entrepreneur and creator of Ebony Fashuon Fair, Eunice Johnson, with the homage incorporating ground-breaking businesswoman vibe in fashion and history into Zendaya’s image.

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Brands Approach the Stylist

Young brands can approach stylists to suggest a partnership for their clients. This can be a tricky balance to strike, since image is everything. Stylists have to safeguard their client’s image and reputation, but sometimes the risk of a brilliant new-comer is worth the reward. The emergence of Lavie by CK’s exuberant energy on the red carpet in 2020 and 2021 has been a wonderful, fresh example of how an up-and-coming brand can make their moment with the right high-profile star. Seen on Oscar Nominee Viola Davis multiple times throughout her Oscar campaign and recently on Laverne Cox, the Cameroon-born designer Claude Kameni has made a name for herself with fantastic, exuberant colors and prints on voluminous dresses in a few short years.

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