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Makeup Artists: Try These 15 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Your Instagram #mua post is enough to get you millions of followers, right? Nope, time to think bigger!

The makeup artist social media landscape is a competitive field bursting with imagination and creativity. Luckily, there are still ways for you to build your brand and stand out. From basic tips to insider know-how, here are the proven social media strategies to elevate your brand, build your online makeup artist presence, and go viral!

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A post shared by Makeup Artist Patrick Ta (@patrickta)

Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram, and works regularly with A-listers like Gigi Hadid and Olivia Munn.

15 Industry-Proven Methods to Promote Your Makeup Artist Social Media Profile in 2021


Separate Work & Personal Accounts

If you’re posting occasional makeup pictures in between photos of birthdays and dogs, you’re missing out on channeling your professional brand to your IG feed. This might discourage potential followers who are looking for makeup and style inspirations. If you still want to post about your personal life, make a separate account for work.

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A post shared by Ash K Holm (@ash_kholm)

Celebrity makeup artist Ash K Holm has a work account that she posts photos of the makeup looks she has created for A-list clients, and a personal account that she shares family photos and selfies.


Engage Your Community Authentically

Think of your relationship with your followers as growing and exploring together rather than simply sharing. As you start gathering followers, engage them by polling what they want to know and see. Involve your followers and listen to their feedback. When you create content that’s more resonant with your audience, it’s likely to bring in more followers. When you get brand sponsorships, organize contests or giveaways, you’re also inviting them to be a part of your brand in a personal way that leads to attachment. Respond to comments and questions and make yourself more personable and relatable.

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A post shared by Andreea Ali (@aliandreeamakeup)

Makeup artist Andreea Ali designed “The Red Andreea” lipstick for La bouche rouge, Paris, and celebrated the launch with a giveaway campaign.


Diversify Your Social Media Platforms

Mikayla Nogueria is Tiktok’s top makeup artist with 5.3 million followers, but she actually failed on social media before she succeeded. Her top videos have over 15 million views, wild exposure that has led her to brand partnerships with Ulta and Iconic London within one year. However, in the beginning, she started with a makeup Tumblr that found little traction. Her career took off only when she discovered that Tiktok’s algorithm gave her a greater reach and she found how to use it for maximum effect. We recommend using at least two social media platforms to find your right fit. As an added bonus, you can also direct traffic from one platform to another in case a platform’s algorithm changes (as they regularly do).


Recreation of the video that started it all.. thank you for 250k in 2 ½ months. ❤️ #makeup #acne #makeuphack #beauty #viral #fyp

♬ original sound – Mikayla Nogueira
Mikayla Nogueria’s top Tiktok has over 15 million views due to her relatable tone and no-nonsense attitude which translates well to her audience.


Create Social Media Funnels

In the same way a sales funnel works for traditional marketing, set up a social media funnel to transfer users from one platform to another by linking content or showing clips with the larger content on another platform. This approach has to be genuine as nothing is more annoying than content that’s obviously from another platform to get you to go to that other platform. 

If you have to use snippets of a Youtube video on instagram, make sure it either has a great caption or a good reason for your followers to move platforms (a link or linktree in your bio is super helpful here!), while still creating content that’s appropriate to each platform. Make sure your mindset doesn’t shift into shuttling followers from one platform to another, but you really think of the value of what you’re adding to your followers’ lives by creating different content avenues to enjoy on each platform. 

The most popular and obvious of these combinations is an Instagram or TikTok account paired with a Youtube channel with reels or snippets of that video on Instagram or Tiktok to entice your followers to watch the full video on YouTube. And of course like, share, and subscribe. Social media funneling is a fine line between new content and being obnoxious, so walk it with confidence in what you’re creating that each platform is individually valuable and enhanced to be even better together.


Use Photos and Trends that Grab Attention

#TransformationTuesday is a trend for a reason. People love a good makeover, and the fast videos of social media are a great way to create a “wow” moment that gets shares. Olivia Holm Poulsen’s moment came when her glitter covered birthmark photos went viral. Nevermind her previous low follower count – her transformation and its self-love showed a powerful message that resonated with many people and brought her press in i-D and Teen Vogue.

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A post shared by Olivia Holm Poulsen (@thyboroenbo)

Glitter covered birthmark transformations brought fans and media to Olivia Holm Poulsen’s page. Creative transformations inspire imagination and can be a great strategy for your makeup instagram to go viral.

You don’t have to do transformations as a theme, but you do have to stand out visually if you want a chance. Whether that’s incredible illusions, photorealism, or bright bold colors, find ways to make your look stand out and experiment with those themes. When you find something that clicks for you artistically and brings in the follower numbers, stick to it and perfect it as the theme to build your brand.

Drag Queen and makeup artist Nina Bonina Brown shows off incredible gender-bending makeup transformations which put her at the top of Google searches for makeup transformations.


Tag Makeup Brands in Your Posts

Your followers are likely to use your content as their source of makeup inspo and knowledge. They want to know everything from the makeup brand, shade of color, tools to techniques. Providing all the details that can help followers recreate the makeup look, whether in the hashtags, captions, or content itself. More importantly, tag the brands you use, as it increases the chances of them noticing your post and reposting it as user-generated content. Win! Many successful makeup brand partnerships and sponsored ads come from this simple act of crediting and tagging brands.

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A post shared by 🌙Manny Gutierrez (@mannymua733)

Stand-out lashes started by a stand-out social media campaign! Manny Gutierrez represents Maybelline’s Big Shot Mascara – his professional partnership with the brand manifested after his personal brand reviews went viral.


Brand Your Content

Being a makeup artist is very much being a celebrity or an influencer. You need to market yourself as a brand, and your content should reflect so. Whether it is designing a visually-cohesive IG feed or standardizing your caption format with personalized hashtags, ensure that your brand shines through your social media pages. As a first step of achieving branding consistency, come up with themes for your content and build around them. 

When you scroll through the IG feed of top makeup artists, you’d look and think, “That’s so-and-so!” Do the same for yours to have people talking about what only you can do. This requires you to experiment extensively and find a niche of the makeup market you’re going to represent. When a content idea sticks (brings in likes and followers) and feels enjoyable, expand that theme and play with it until you start seeing bigger results.

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A post shared by PONY 포니 (@ponysmakeup)

South Korean make-up artist Pony uses purple, pink, and beige as her social media brand colors, and all of her Instagram posts follow this color scheme.


Use social media tools to save time

Social media management tools allow you to plan the content you post in advance. Since posting regularly is such an important part of being boosted through social media algorithms, invest time and effort to plan out your social media calendar and schedule the posts for automatic publishing. This enables you to focus your  time and efforts on experimenting and designing high-quality content!

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A post shared by Buffer (@buffer)

Posting on social media is a lot of work! Use technology to streamline your social media management process.


Post Consistently

When Mikayla Nogueria started seeing her Tiktok account taking off, she quit her job to post full-time – that’s three times a day – and built the following she has today. While your effort in maintaining makeup social media presence may start out part-time, still post regularly. Your followers are looking for a constant stream of exciting content for their IG feed, so you could lose followers if you do not post consistently. 

When you start seeing your social media following lift-off, consider going all in, or hire a social media manager to assist you. For Mikayla, it worked. When she quit her job to go full time, an Ulta representative told her how happy they were and then offered to set up a partnership. 

In addition, research the algorithm of the social media platforms you are posting on. While IG algorithm loves a daily poster, TikTok is looking for three times a day. Set up your social media calendar accordingly.


Be genuine and uniquely you

Scroll the top several Tiktok makeup artist profiles. Notice anything? All of these artists have distinctly different looks which reflect their personal style and character. Attempting to be someone you’re not on social media is the worst thing you can do. Your quirks, funny voices, and all other things that bring you joy are as important to your social media page as anything else because they make you who you are. 

Think you have too much to bring to the table? Top makeup artist Kodo Nishimura combines seemingly eclectic interests in LGBTQ+ advocacy, makeup, and Buddhism. Start with what you love doing and build from there. When you show your inner self with quirks and vulnerabilities, you’re making it possible for others to connect with you and appreciate their own individuality.

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A post shared by Kodo Nishimura/ 西村宏堂 (@kodomakeup)

odo Nishimura is a global makeup artist, certified Buddhist Monk, and LGBTQ+ advocate who succeeds with a combination of all his passions.


Share More Reels and Videos

A picture paints a thousand words – but a video shows a thousand pictures! You can boost your social media engagement with reels and videos. Popular content ideas include makeup tutorials, morning beauty routine, trying new products and giving reviews, showcasing your favorite makeup products, and more. Keep in mind that Instagram algorithm promotes Instagram Reels over content reposted from TikTok, so if you have the time, customize your content per platform for maximum reach.

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A post shared by pati dubroff (@patidubroff)

Celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff regularly shares video clips of her personal makeup tutorials on Instagram.


Build Your Network & Credibility

Other makeup artists are also your community, and you want to build networks with them in the most simple way: being friendly. Taking the time to comment on a picture really starts the conversation going and eventually you’ll build friendships over time. The key is to send good comments and DMs.

Comments that do not build relationships: 

Comments that do build relationships: 
“Hey there! I wasn’t going to tell you at first because I was embarrassed to be an insta buyer but wanted to share. This foundation you recommend is a LIFE CHANGER. Three weeks after ordering it, I am seriously using it for my daily looks and professional practice, and I don’t want to wear anything else. LOVE your tips.”

Can you spot the difference? While one comment has zero personality and could have been added by a bot, the other is grounded in real experience, connection, and invites reciprocal response to build a relationship over time. 

This also applies to the other people who are important in a makeup career, such as photographers, models, makeup brands, magazines, clothing and jewelry companies. Keep adding thoughtful comments and see how quickly your community builds and along with it, your reputation and jobs.


Collaborate With Others

Remember all those DMs and meaningful comments you sent? Well they’re about to pay off! As you grow your network, you’ll be in a position to collaborate with others. This can be photographers you love, fashion stylists who need a makeup artist on their team, editorials, brands, the list goes on. The good part of putting in the work with DMs and comments is others will come to you, see your work, and start proposing collaborations. 

Make sure you’re also putting yourself out there by suggesting collaborations. When you start building your followers, your influence becomes more valuable. Know your worth for collaborations, such as an instagram follower money calculator, and use it to negotiate wisely.

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A post shared by Vlada Haggerty Makeup Artist (@vladamua)

Collaboration doesn’t need to be with makeup brands only! Makeup artist Vlada Haggerty who created the “dripping liquid lip” look collaborates with for personalized credit card designs.


Use Editing Apps

Creating your own presets or using filters are quick ways to make your feed look branded. Photo editing apps like Snapseed and VSCO are powerful in giving your images a polished and professional visual. Look for the apps that can take your picture to the next level with a standardized look that will build your brand and create pictures others will want to recreate.


Use #Hashtag Strategically

Hashtags can get your posts seen by users who follow those topics. They also can look try-hard. The keyword is strategically to use your hashtags to actually fit the content. Tools like Iconosquare will show you what hashtags are useful, how useful they are, and who sees those hashtags most. Think of it like your hashtag cheat sheet. 

Conversely, you can look at trending hashtags and create a relevant post. Whichever way you go, incorporate hashtags as a part of your brand and stay true to what you’re creating.