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What are Celebrity Stylists

The Mastermind Behind Celeb Style & Image Branding

Celebrity stylists are celebrities in their own right – from getting backstage access to star-studded events, traveling around the world for work, to forging lasting friendships with famous clients.

Read on to find out all about celebrity stylists and what their job entails.

1. What is a fashion stylist?
2. What is a celebrity stylist?
3. What does a celebrity stylist do?
4. How do you become a celebrity stylist?
5. Start as a celebrity stylist intern
6. How do celebrity stylists get clients?
7. What does it take to become a celebrity stylist?
8. How much do celebrity stylists charge?
9. How do you find celebrity stylists?
10. How do you find current clients of celebrity stylists?
11. Why are so many celebrity stylists male?
12. The Gateway to the Stars
13. How much do celebrity stylists make?

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Law Roach is the first Black stylist to be named Top Stylist of the Year.


What is a fashion stylist?

A fashion stylist is a professional who coordinates a person’s visual aesthetic. There are many different types of stylists, such as:


What is a celebrity stylist?

Celebrity stylists support Hollywood A-listers, music artists, politicians, and other public figures to help them define their visual image, and look impeccable for various occasions. Music artists will work with a stylist to promote their album through visual choices, while an upcoming Oscar nominated star will work with a celebrity stylist to position themselves as a top star to snag the Oscar win.

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Lady Gaga’s look for her album Joanne showed a distinctly different style than the typical Lady Gaga persona, and visually represented the music she was promoting.


What does a celebrity stylist do?

Celebrity stylists are hired by celebrities to help them determine their outfit and look for red carpet events, galas, and other photograph opportunities. Celebrity stylists also work with brands and editorials on professional photoshoots and commercials. Since they have a great sense of design and style, celebrity stylists can also have collaborations with brands and launch their own products.


How do you become a celebrity stylist?

While attending fashion school or obtaining a fashion-related degree is not a prerequisite to becoming a celebrity stylist, 74% of fashion stylists do have a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree. As many top stylists like Jason Bolden experienced, you can go to college for an entirely different field and still wind up dressing celebrities. Industry experience is valued more than a specific diploma, so it is important to build a strong network of clients, brands, and other industry professionals, and curate your portfolio. Of course, knowing fashion can make your road easier as you’ll have to be well versed in fashion history as well as stay up-to-date on brands and fashion trends.


Start as a celebrity stylists intern 

For aspiring celebrity stylists, spending a year learning the ropes and experiencing the intricacies of the job first hand is invaluable. Working with a celebrity stylist is also a fantastic way to build up your portfolio and industry network, which can be expensive, to eventually bring in clients on your own.

As top celebrity stylist to Meryl Streep and Lupito N’yongo, Micaela Erlanger describes to Vogue magazine for how to become a celebrity stylist, “I treated every internship with the same dedication [as] school.” Micaela also says to those interested in styling, “If you are unclear of your direction at any point, getting that hands-on experience is absolutely critical and empowering. I really got a taste of what styling was like on set and in a safe environment where I could contribute.”

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Top celebrity stylist Micala Erlanger interned before becoming a celebrity stylist and offers internships to those like looking to explore the field.


How do celebrity stylists get clients?

Stylists often get clients through word-of-mouth, reputation, recommendation and referrals, and collaborations. Nowadays, with the prevalence of social media, it is important for celebrity stylists to maintain an up-to-date digital portfolio. This is an effective way to showcase their style, as well as attract new clientele.


What does it take to become a celebrity stylist?

Relationship building is the number one skill that a celebrity stylist must possess. Jobs are built off of reputation and previous work, so celebrity stylists need to constantly network and maintain their portfolios. Since celebrity stylists are creating the image for high-profile individuals, it is also crucial for them to be able to connect with the clients on a personal level, and communicate and present their ideas effectively.


How much do celebrity stylists charge?

The experience level and reputation of celebrity stylists are reflected in their rates. A novice celebrity stylist can charge between $100 – 200 a day, while a top celebrity stylist can earn from $500 to $5,000 a day.

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Kate Young styles stars including Selena Gomez in her latest album, Margot Robbie at the Oscars, and Natalie Portman.


How do you find celebrity stylists?

Many celebrity stylists utilize agents to handle business or media inquiries. If you are a fashion brand or an editorial looking to engage celebrity stylists directly for business opportunities or collaborations, you can use platforms like Moda Database to access their direct or representative contact information, as well as browse their celebrity client portfolio. Alternatively, you could also go through PR agencies for assistance.


How do you find current clients of celebrity stylists?

As a fashion brand, when you want to gift sample products to celebrity stylists in hope that they would dress their famous clients in your clothes, it is important to know who their current clients are. Current clients refer to the celebrities that the celebrity stylist works with on a regular basis. In Moda Database, you can browse current clients and all celebrity clients of stylists, or simply search by celebrity to find out who is styling them.


Why are so many celebrity stylists male?

About 70% of the fashion stylists in the U.S. are women, and a whooping 85% of the graduating class of fashion majors is female at Parsons School of Design. So why is the perception that many celebrity stylists are male? Unfortunately, the fashion industry remains a male-dominated business. The gender inequality at the top of the fashion pyramid creates the illusion that celebrity stylists are mostly male.


The Gateway to the Stars

For brands looking to work with celebrities, they often reach out to celebrity stylists, since they are the mastermind behind the celebrity’s fashion choices. Building relationships with stylists is how to eventually have your brand reach a celebrity. To reach stylists directly and connect your brand  with their high-profile clients, look up Moda Database to find their contact information and celebrity client portfolio.


How much do celebrity stylists make?

According to data reported, the average salary of celebrity stylists is $50,000 a year. Their pay increases significantly based on experience, so a celebrity stylist can earn well over double than a starting stylist.