Stylist Profile

Stylist Profile


Peter Tran is a renowned prop stylist in demand for creating colorful and attractive visuals. As a prop artist, he primarily works with product-based brands and clients. His modern and trendy outlook towards styling has made him quite popular in the product industry. He has worked with many jewellery brands like Chanel, True Gems, Lugano, Nikos Coulis, Christopher Designs, and others. Peter has also styled adverts for accessory brands like Chanel, Melle Bianco, Jimmy Choo, Fendi, and Balenciaga. He has also collaborated with cosmetic brands like Bergdorf, Atelier Cologne, Creed, Houbigant, and Twilly d’Hermes among others. He styles editorials exclusively for Elle and is working with footwear and clothing brands as well. He is currently represented by The Art Department.

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