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Stylist Profile


Holli Kingsbury is a wardrobe and Props Stylist at company Artists by Timothy Priano. Since her college days, she’s been involved in the art community, with a strong understanding of the design, tradition, trends, and fashion. Holli’s list of clients and projects she worked with is extensive and respectable. Her skills as prop stylist and designer have been demonstrated in the advertising campaigns for Budweiser, Crate & Barrel, Dannon, Dove, Encompass Group/Jockey, Lexus, Library of Congress, Royal Caribbean, South Coast Plaza, Sundance, Wells Fargo. As a styling editor, Kingsbury worked with renowned magazines Glamour Magazine, GQ, Hampton’s, Men’s Fashion of the Times, Money, New York Post, People, Seventeen Magazine, Time Magazine, and The Icon Magazine. Kingsbury’s experience was recognized by celebrities Olivia Munn, Penelope Ann Miller, Richard Branson, Scott Stapp, Serena Williams, Siri Willoch, Venus Williams, who all hired her as a stylist for big events.

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