Francee Evripidou

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Francee Evripidou is a hairstylist under Anima Creative Management. Her style is known for bringing out a look that brings out freshness and tranquility. She is known for her work with Vogue India with actress Sonakshi Sinha, Tania Travers, and photographer Ellen Von Unwerth. Her works are mostly published in Vogue India, such as magazine covers of “The Age(less) Issue”, “Fashion’s Romantic Mood”, and “The Vogue 2015 Style List”. In addition to covers and editorials, Evripidou also works on video projects. One of her most notable video projects was Mohit Chauhan’s “Matargashti” music video which was made last 2015. Evripdidou worked with stylist Sharon Crawford and photographer Ashish Shah for Vogue Italia’s “Across the River Indus”, which was published in 2015.

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