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Celebrity Profile


Born 1993 in Murcia, Spain, Sita Abellán is a professional model and DJ of Spanish origin who has appeared in recognized publications such as Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, and INDIE. Proclaimed herself as the "princess of techno," she played records at the Hard Summer Festival and earned the chance to be a resident at the exclusive Provocateur club in Manhattan. She began DJing in her teens at fashion shows. As her modeling career progressed, she tried to use it to get to play in the best clubs.Sita Abellán is recognized for her vintage style and has worked with great Spanish photographers such as Alberto Van Stokkum, Sita Abellán mentions that the Internet and social networks are her greatest support since she manages to express herself all over the world and to position herself as a model and DJ. Thanks to this, she has managed to travel for work to different places such as New York, London, Milan, Tokyo, in addition to having agencies in different parts of the world, including Traffic, Rollacoaster Magazine, Ralph & Russo, Glamor L'Officiel among others.


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