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Rutina Wesley is an American actress known for her role in the HBO Series True Blood. She earned an undergraduate degree in Theatre Performance from the University of Evansville in Indiana. On stage, she has appeared in the pre-Broadway workshop of the Tony-nominated musical The Color Purple. She was cast in the Broadway play, The Vertical Hour. Other than a small performance in Hitch (2005), in 2007, she won the lead in dance drama How She Moves, playing an inner-city teen who enters a step-dancing competition to raise money for her tuition. She guest-starred on CBS drama Numb3rs (2005-2010). Wesley was nominated for a Scream Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2009, and in 2010 she and the rest of the cast were nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series.

Who is the celebrity stylist for Rutina Wesley? In the past, Rutina Wesley has worked with Jessica Margolis. You can view the full celebrity stylist information for Rutina Wesley by accessing our database. Who is Rutina Wesley's hair stylist? Some of the hair stylists that Rutina Wesley has worked with for red carpet or editorial shoots include: Lacy Redway.

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Stylist that Rutina Wesley has worked with is: Jessica Margolis.
Hair stylist that Rutina Wesley has worked with is: Lacy Redway.