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French actress, model, and columnist, Mathilde Warnier became famous after an exchange with actor and director Nicolas Bedos on the sets of ‘Au fil de la nuit’. Her career began as a student of audiovisual BTS. As part of this, she was on Au fil de la nuit where her comments on a book promoted by Nicolas Bedos took a scathing turn, garnering her a lot of attention. In 2013, the brand Cacharel chose her as the face of their perfumes range, ‘Anais Anais’. This campaign landed her a feature on the cover of Paulette Magazine in the following year. She even campaigned for the lingerie brand, Miss Crofton. Following this, she was offered a barrage of advertisements, including brands like Carte Noire and Evian. Before becoming a member of the cast of ‘In Service of France’, Warnier also appeared in two short films and an awareness campaign for the French non-governmental organization, AIDES. Three weeks after becoming a reporter for Le Petit Journal on Canal +, she decided to retire from television.

Who is the celebrity stylist for Mathilde Warnier? In the past, Mathilde Warnier has worked with Julia Martínez. You can view the full celebrity stylist information for Mathilde Warnier by accessing our database. Mathilde Warnier has worn various brands including Celine, Gucci and Balenciaga. Mathilde Warnier has different editorial features in the following publications: Telva. In the past, Mathilde Warnier has worked with celebrity makeup artists which include: Yvane Rocher. Who is Mathilde Warnier's hair stylist? Some of the hair stylists that Mathilde Warnier has worked with for red carpet or editorial shoots include: Manu Fernandez.


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