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French Haute Couture designer, Jean Paul Gaultier is a legend in the world of fashion. Often known as ‘enfant terrible’ in the industry, he is known for his genius in creating motifs and unique designs. Gaultier was never formally trained in design. However, he regularly sent out sketches to popular stylists from an early age. Pierre Cardin found his work impressive and hired him as an assistant in 1970. Just six years later, he released his first solo collection. His mastery in design and tailoring caught the attention of prominent personalities in the industry. He even began to reinterpret the works of famous designers. Since he executed these pieces flawlessly, the term ‘Gaultiered’ was coined implying that the piece was a reinterpretation. Today, Gaultier is iconic in the world of fashion and has dressed the who’s who of the film and fashion industry.

In the past, Jean Paul Gaultier has worked with celebrity makeup artists which include: Damian Garozzo.

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Makeup artist that Jean Paul Gaultier has worked with is: Damian Garozzo.