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The Irish Mega Star Colin Farrell was born on March 31, 1976. To pursue his passion and dream to be an actor, Colin joined the Gaiety School of Acting, but he soon dropped out of it after receiving an offer from the BBC for the drama Ballykissangel in 1998. Colin made his film debut with the hit drama film ‘The War Zone’ in 1999. His outstanding performance in the film gave him an immense fan following, and soon he was scouted as a lead in the war drama film ‘Tigerland’ in 2000. Later, projects came flooding for Colin and he was seen in some remarkable projects including films like Daredevil, Phone booth, SWAT, Intermission, Hart’s War, The Recruit, Alexander, The New World, Miami Vice, Ask The Dust, In Bruges, Triage, Crazy Heart, The Way Back, London Boulevard, total Recall, Miss Julie, The Lobster, The Gentleman, Widows and much more. Colin has received several awards from Irish Film & Television Academy for his outstanding performances.

Who is the celebrity stylist for Colin Farrell? In the past, Colin Farrell has worked with Julie Ragolia, George Cortina and Paul Stura. You can view the full celebrity stylist information for Colin Farrell by accessing our database. In the past, Colin Farrell has worked with celebrity makeup artists which include: Paige Smitherman and Stefanie Willmann. Who is Colin Farrell's hair stylist? Some of the hair stylists that Colin Farrell has worked with for red carpet or editorial shoots include: Samantha Hillerby.

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Stylists that Colin Farrell has worked with are: Julie Ragolia, George Cortina, Paul Stura and Evet Sanchez.
Makeup artists that Colin Farrell has worked with are: Paige Smitherman and Stefanie Willmann.
Hair stylist that Colin Farrell has worked with is: Samantha Hillerby.