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Celebrity Profile


Anais Mali is a French model who was born in Toulon, France on January 22, 1988. She works with the modeling agency Next Model Management (Worldwide). Anais signed a contract in 2009 with the Wilhelmina Models agency, in September of that same year she modeled for the presentation of the Spring season of L.A.M.B. in New York City.Anais’ professional career is quite significant, since she has had the opportunity to be on the covers of the most important fashion magazines. Anais has also appeared in different fashion catalogs. These include J. Crew's 2010 catalog, January 2011 Vogue magazine cover, and Harper’s Bazaar May 2011.

Who is the celebrity stylist for Anais Mali? In the past, Anais Mali has worked with Jillian Davison and Morgan Pilcher. You can view the full celebrity stylist information for Anais Mali by accessing our database. In the past, Anais Mali has worked with celebrity makeup artists which include: Shane Paish and Paige Smitherman. Who is Anais Mali's hair stylist? Some of the hair stylists that Anais Mali has worked with for red carpet or editorial shoots include: Bridget Brager, Steven Hoeppner and Shingo Shibata.


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