Celebrity Profile

Celebrity Profile


Alexa Chung is a British writer, model, and TV presenter. She’s the woman who abided with her career choices and did what she loved. Chug is a trendsetter in the eyes of millions. 2017 saw the rise of her own label, and Chung has been in the limelight since then. Alexa has also associated with AG Jeans since 2015. At the age of 16, Chung got the chance to work in big teen magazines such as Cosmo Girl and Elle Girl. The model has also done modeling for brands like Urban Outfitters, Tampax, Sunsilk, Fanta, and Sony Ericsson. It was her career in TV presenting that made her a recognized celebrity and the face of many fashion brands. In 2009, she became the contributing editor in British Vogue, which is the defining moment of her career. Chung achieved the BFC’s British Style Award in 2010 as a creative and recognized fashion symbol in Britain.


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